Interesting Observation about The College Industry on the Huff Post

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Interesting Observation about The College Industry on the Huff Post

By a reader/contributor

"Let us deconstruct this post for a sec: high school graduates and college graduates are at the mercy of capital markets and capital flows. What does this mean? There has flowed a rumor from ESTABLISHMENT sources that an education will lead to a better job or at least a good job. If someone graduates from high school or college, the rumor has it that that individual has good prospects of entering and staying in the middle class.

Many people are pushed to higher education because of advertising and marketing. They push education the way they push burgers.

However, had good jobs existed many would not be in higher education nor buy into the rumor or advertising that sells them the advanced education. Many people with a good basic education would be working and bringing in the money necessary to live well in America.

But the myth persists, and especially during economic BUSTS, that a higher education is the ticket into the middle class. It fails to note, aside from education being good in and of itself, that it will not give the future employee a ticket to a job because capital control and requirements seek locations that will bring the highest return to the investors. If the graduate is able to tap into that economic capital flow, then that individual will hold down a good paying job. Capital does not care about one's education status, it cares only about the % return on the capital"